1. Custom Golf and Sport Towels
  2. Custom Beach and Swim Towels
  3. Custom Full Color Tapestries
  4. Custom Hotel and Spa Towels
  5. Custom 3 Color Throws
  6. Custom Pub, Winery and Barista Towels


Southern Branded Textiles offers custom Jacquard Woven Terry Towels in a range of sizes. These towels are great for:


Our luxurious Jacquard Woven Towels are manufactured with your custom design woven into the actual towel. Unlike printed towels, your custom Southern Branded Textiles Towel will never fade! In addition, your towel can be sculpted tone-on-tone for a rich elegant look. Visit our Towel Page for more information.


In addition to Towels, we produce affordable, high-quality, custom woven 3-color Throws and full-color Tapestries. Our Tapestries and Throws are great for:


Visit our Tapestries and Throws Page for more details about these amazing, individually customizable products.


All of our products are proudly made in the USA! For more information, contact Paul Gibson today: